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Innovative Pharmacy Benefits and Patient Assistance Programs

As the leading innovator of core hub services, our technology-based solutions set the standard for security, reliability and ease of use. Available nationwide, they are also cost-attractive, providing core-hub services with a high ROI.

Retail Co-Pay Cards

TMG provides retail co-pay payment cards, which run on our PBM and MasterCard network. Our unique processes ensure that the exact business rules designed by the client are executed when the product is being dispensed.

The electronic process is entirely automatic, eliminating the need for patients to swipe the card. Because the system performs that function automatically within the TMG network, card values are applied correctly without any human intervention, eliminating any confusion that might occur at the point of sale.

Since TMG is both the PBM and the card processor, the amount of data is extremely robust and unequaled in the industry. Clients can access all of the information in a real-time environment using our customized client web dashboard systems.

TMG Co-Pay Programs deliver a self-evident ROI with readily measured results, since each transaction or card swipe represents a prescription.

Specialty Rx Program

TMG provides co-pay payment cards for specialty products. These cards are run within the TMG processing network and can be used at a specialty pharmacy location, a physician's office or a medical infusion center site. The transactional information is captured in a real-time environment, and data is automatically updated into the TMG dashboard reporting system for each product or program.

Many programs are tied to the insurance explanation of benefits, and each program is unique to the manufacturer's needs for the particular program, defining co-pay maximums, time between infusions and annual maximums.

Because our co-pay cards are reloadable devices and managed within the TMG/MasterCard network, specific business rules are all managed seamlessly by the system in real time as the prescription, infusion or injection is presented for payment.

Guardian Verification Solution

To prevent ineligible enrollment in our clients' programs, TMG uses its proprietary Guardian Verification Solution. It is a comprehensive and electronic patient verification program that ensures patients are not enrolled in any federal, state or government-funded healthcare program, including but not limited to Medicare, Medicaid and Tricare.

To validate the patient’s insurance status, our verification process uses its patented record-matching and retrieval methodology for unique real-time patient verification. Checks are performed during and after enrollment—a huge advantage over a “just-one-time” benefits investigation. Moreover, the Guardian Verification Solution provides real-time reporting of status changes.

TMG Payment Card

TMG Payment Card technology streamlines and expedites payments with automatic, real-time processing and verification across a secure international payment and distribution network. Cards must be registered and a receipt confirmation provided to activate the card for a secure distribution of funds, and all this is done automatically, reducing administration costs.

TMG Payment Cards can be used for a variety of applications, providing efficient and cost-effective support for research, marketing and sales initiatives.

  • Market Research Panel Honorarium
  • Clinical Researchers, Investigators & Subject Matter Experts
  • Speaker Honorarium
  • Market Research Survey Honorarium
  • Patient Assistance Programs
  • Field Sales Incentive Programs
  • E-detailing Programs
  • Non-profit Patient Financial Support
  • Customer Loyalty Programs (OTC Products)

Rx Self-Insured and Rx Savings Cards

TMG Self-Insured Prescription Card
TMG offers prescription programs for self-insured employers using Walmart and Sam's Club pharmacies nationwide. TMG-Walmart Rx cardholders can purchase prescriptions through the Low Price Network.

TMG administers every aspect of the plan—from determining eligibility to providing customer service. TMG begins by developing with the client a complete Benefit Plan Design, then processes each prescription within the retail PBM system according to the client’s rules. Throughout the process, TMG provides reports and metrics to the employer, ensuring that their employees receive the lowest available price on each prescription at the time of dispensing.


Premium Support Programs

TMG offers a series of proprietary, information-based support through its Integrated Health (IH) offering. Combining TMG card services with innovative research and automated fulfillment programs, these programs enable brand managers to target high value physicians, glean insights from healthcare providers and their patients, and improve brand performance with positive user experiences.

The TMG Patient Experience

TMG Px™ enables brand managers to target and engage time-pressed physicians with a service that benefits them—and their patients. All physicians have to do is hand the TMG Px Starter Kit to a select number of patients—it requires no administrative or office-visit time. Patients are incentivized and reminded to self-enroll and complete a post-treatment survey. Survey results are analyzed, and an aggregate report is sent directly to the physician and brand manager, providing meaningful feedback. Physicians appreciate the report because their patients’ satisfaction is one of their greatest concerns.

While reinforcing the doctor-patient relationship, TMG Px raises brand awareness and appreciation for the prescribed treatment—your brand. The program can be tailored to a variety of other purposes, providing detailed and relevant analyses.


IH AdVisor™ Professional Insights

IH AdVisor™ is a service for reaching healthcare professionals that are most important to a client’s business through a secure, designated portal. It is a cost-effective tool for conducting quantitative or qualitative research and has been proven to generate response rates as high as 40 percent.

Respondents are targeted with precision, applying the client’s predetermined criteria and drawing upon internal and external databases, including a robust TMG network that is continually verified. Healthcare professionals are incentivized with TMG payment card technology to provide feedback and attitudinal insights about their clinical experience and practices.

Clients receive rapid, actionable feedback, informing business and marketing decisions. Because the Advisor already has an active community of healthcare providers, research inquiries that used to take months can now happen in days for:

  • Market intelligence
  • Forecasting
  • KOL and peer influence mapping
  • Message development
  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Encouraging trial and comparisons
  • Providing input to CRM efforts
  • More