Merging data, technology, strategy and creativity to maximize ROI.

Support Services

TMG Support Services represent a convergence of data, technology, strategy and creative—the four pillars of modern-era marketing. For our pharmaceutical and healthcare clients, this means insight-driven marketing that achieves a greater degree of engagement and higher return on investment.

Analytics and Reporting Services

TMG offers sophisticated analytical solutions and interactive models that support all of the pharmacy benefits and patient assistance programs and services that we offer. Transaction data and flexible reports are readily accessible via an easy-to-use web portal. And data can be exported, graphed and made available—often in real time.

Our analytic services provide insights—not just data—about attitudinal and behavioral differences, prescribing patterns, response rates to detail messages, sampling and so much more. Delivering a high ROI, marketing and sales managers are able to increase promotional and product performance through analytics-driven decisions.

Insightful creative that helps extend you brand

TMG designs and produces engagement and response marketing materials to support client initiatives as well as our services and programs. Integrating traditional, digital and data marketing techniques, TMG Creative designs accessible and user-friendly brand experiences that communicate value across key touchpoints.

Creative services provided:

  • Branding and identities
  • Content strategy, creative development
  • Design for digital and print
  • Online strategy and user experience design
  • Websites, micro-sites, customized landing pages
  • Interactive promotions
  • Email marketing
  • Mobile campaigns/solutions
  • Multimedia